Jet Skiing

Mix and match your stay with us and combine your two wheeled adrenaline fuelled action packed holiday with some fun on the water!
We offer 5 different routes, ranging from 40mins all the way up to a 2 hour tour to the world famous 'Cies Islands' where the tropical style beach is consistently voted in the world’s top 10 beach lists!
All tours include training, wet suit, jet ski and insurance.
Jet skis can be ridden 1 or two people per ski. Group size 2 – 8 skis.
All excursions are with guide.

Rande Route 40mins level Basic 8NM
This route is ideal to get started in the world of Jet Skis.
The Rande bridge is one of the emblems of the Vigo estuary and Spanish engineering, it began to take shape just 40 years ago. Its pillars sit inside the estuary and the views from the sea are breathtaking.
A place with the legends of the sunken Galleons in the battle of the Rand.

Bara Beach route 1 hour level Basic 16NM
Bara El Paraíso beach , in Galicia. Hidden in the Vigo estuary on the Cangas do Morrazo coast we find Barra beach, considered one of the best naturist beaches on the Galician coast.
Fine white sand, turquoise blue waters... yes, being at the mouth of the estuary we can confirm and confirm that the water temperature is for the brave . But taking a dip in a natural environment like this one is well worth taking off your clothes and enjoying it with the same honesty with which Galicia presents these corners to us.

San Simo Island route 1 hour level Basic 16NM
The past of this island far exceeds the plot twists of any fiction. With only 85 meters long and 250 wide, San Simón has received attacks from pirates, has sheltered Knights Templar, sick sailors returning from America, was a concentration camp and orphanage. Without a doubt, a place worth visiting, do you dare?

Route De Cabbo Home Toralla route 1.5hrs level Basic 24NM
yes, there is a place, where the mountains end and the sea begins. Incredible cliffs, rugged slopes, hidden beaches, inaccessible coves, lighthouses protecting ships from the shore, and unparalleled panoramic views. We are talking about Cabo Home , an essential place if you visit Pontevedra and its beautiful coasts.
Its lighthouse stands as a slender, white cylindrical tower behind which the island of Ons hides.
Can you imagine being able to see this wonder from the sea?

Cies Islands route 2 hours Level Medium 29NM
The Cíes Islands are the greatest treasure of the Vigo estuary. An incredible Maritime-Terrestrial National Park and one of the most beautiful places in the country, hence the Romans named them after the islands of the gods.
A paradise of paradisiacal beaches and crystal clear waters, with a natural environment that make it a unique fauna and flora observatory.

*Price on application depending on route and group size*