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Canyoning belongs to the so-called Mountain Activities and consists of descending through a river bed by walking, jumping, swimming or descending with ropes. It is one of the most complete sports activities and its connection with the environment is enormous. The huge number of rivers that we have on our Earth makes it an exceptional place for the practice of Canyoning, mainly in the south of Galicia.

What the activities include

1. Approved thermal and safety material
2. Changing rooms with hot showers.
3. Free photos to download from our servers.
4. Civil Liability and Accident Insurance.
5. Travel to and from the activity

What should the participants bring

1. Bring a swimsuit and a towel.
2. Bring sports shoes that can get wet. 
Recommended trekking boot or sports shoe. 
*Soled booties or other footwear that do not cover the foot well are not worth it.*

What requirements are needed

1. Take into account the Special Requirements of each Route to avoid compromising situations during the activities.
2. Be of age. Minors must be at least 8 years old and be accompanied by legal guardians or have their express authorization. For some activities it will be necessary to be older.

Price on application depending on group size