Ride Galicia
With Toni Ferreiro

Professional mountain bike holidays in North Western Spain

Explore the hidden trails of Galicia with us. Our team of professional athletes, coaches, and nutritional experts offer an experience like no other.

Pontevedra is the gem of Galicia with its micro-climate and unique landscape. The natural trails provide a wide variety of riding, from smooth flowing tracks that are fun for all too steep and technical Enduro tracks that will push the most experienced riders.

Our passion is to share this unique place with you and enjoy mountain biking and the rich culture and landscape the Galicia provides us.

What we offer

Guided Enduro mountain bike holidays with Professional Mountain Biker 'Toni Ferreiro', tailored to your group with a selection of holiday packages available. Based in Pontevedra Galicia, with 10 different trail centres within 30 minutes of each other, we offer shuttle assisted riding with the option to bring your own bike or hire one of our E-Bikes. The minimum trip length is 2 days riding for a minimum of two people. Discover the hidden trails of Galicia with us!

For all enquires please see our booking form on Book Your Ride or contact us via our email info@mtbgalicia.com

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Pontevedra is a hidden gem for mountain biking with over ten different trail centres within 40mins of each other, so no time is wasted traveling to and from venues.

We think the best way to explore them is on E-bikes as we can maximise the amount of time you get on the bike, particularly the descending, which, let's face it, is the part we all enjoy.

We also offer a full lift assisted shuttle service should you wish just let us know at the time of booking. For those of you that enjoy the ups as well as the downs you can fill your boots with as much climbing as you like. We will tailor your trip to the style of riding you want to do.